A Chapter on Perfectionism

This episode is for those of you who identify as perfectionists or are plagued with the notion of "I'll never be good enough".

Whether you currently wear your perfectionism as a badge of honour or are frustrated that it keeps you small and stuck, this episode will bring you even more clarity.

Read as a chapter from my book The Moderately Tortured Artist, it'll dive deep on this topic and give you ideas on ways through the challenge that is extremely high (often impossible) standards.

You can grab a copy of the book here: https://www.moderatelytorturedartist.com/book

Or find out about my Much Less Tortured Artist coaching program here: https://inspiredtosing.com/much-less-tortured-artist

CARE TO SHARE? Do you identify as a perfectionist?

What helps you get out of your own way, start to take risks and experiment when the fear of not being “good enough” rears its head?