Take Them Off That Pedestal

This is a plea. A request that you stop kissing the feet of the artists you love and lauding them as some kind of extraterrestrial being.

Adore their music, acknowledge their artists but please don't make them out to be a unicorn. It's doing you BOTH a disservice.

This episode explores why I think we might be better off admiring them at eye level.

You Do Not Have Stage Fright

I know, you're thinking, "How could Kim get the title of this podcast so wrong? I most certainly DO have stage fright!"

Hear me out. Because I want to talk about WHY your body goes into fight or flight mode the second you have to step on a stage.

And why all the meditating, deep breathing, hours of practicing and yelling at your brain might not be working.

Because unless we get brutally honest about what the problem really is, we can't start fixing it.

What are your thoughts about this? Agree? Disagree?

How to Really Bet on Yourself

This is one of those kick-you-up-the-butt in a good way podcast episodes. Where I get you to take an honest look at how you’re investing some of your most valuable resources - time, money and energy.

Empires and legacies and great art and serious impact do not happen by accident. They happen because someone decides that they are going to bet on themselves and they go ALL IN.

So will you run towards the goosebumps or shy away?

How will you invest in who you want to become?

Confidence is Born in the Gutter

What can I do to build my confidence?

How can I feel more confident on stage?

How can I feel better about myself and my art?

All phenomenal questions I get asked on the regular. And A) I don't have all the answers, and B) the part of the answer I DO have is way more complicated than I can write in this blurb.

This episode dives into what I've learned about confidence, why it's born in the gutter (amongst all the grime you might be avoiding) and why it's worth climbing on in.

What are YOUR insights into confidence? How do you navigate flexing that muscles and building trust in yourself?

A Letter to My Harshest Critic Yet

If there were ever a podcast episode for when someone has ripped apart your art or who you are as a person - this would be it.

This is a call to arms. Making a stand against harsh, unfair and unconstructive criticism.

A reminder for anyone who considers themselves a creative that nobody can rob you of your joy, your passion or your conviction unless you let them.

And a nod to how bloody hard it is to get back up again time and time again.

This episode is brought to you by chocolate chip cookies, tears and a glass of rosé. I hope it lifts you from the depths of despair and gets you back on the horse you belong on.

As always, I’d love for you to share your thoughts below if you’d like to. x

Make Life Beautiful Again

Why is it that it takes us being knocked out by sickness or having a near death experience for us to notice how damn beautiful life is?

In this episode I share my experience after being hit by a flu virus and the rose coloured glasses I wore the day I was well enough to emerge from bed.

We have access to these lenses at all times and yet often choose to wear a greyer, less interesting pair. But why?

I'm encouraging you to trade those for a more beautiful view of the world as a bit of an experiment this week and see how much beauty you can spot.

The Tale (and Baggage) of a Terrible Beginner

This is for you if you cringe at the thought of diving into learning a new skill.

If you avoid things you know you'll be bad at.

If your insecurity reins supreme and means you run or hide rather than sticking with it.

If you get really grumpy and frustrated when someone is trying to teach you something that you can't get right immediately.

I hear you. Hi, I'm Kim and I'm a terrible beginner.

This is the story of what I learned about myself when I took up dance classes a month ago.

And what I realised is behind our unwillingness to start from the bottom and our BS story that being a "bad beginner" is simply who we are.

TELL ME: Have you had a similar experience or noticed a similar story coming up for you?

When is it Ripe to Share?

This podcast came out of the reason I didn't release an episode last week. The episodes I'd drafted didn't feel right or ready.

Which led me down the rabbit hole of - how often do we rush our art? Or put things out into the world early for validation instead of trusting ourselves enough to know when its whole?

And is the world of social media and feeling as though everyone's eyes are on you, adding an invisible pressure that makes us feel like we need to be constantly "producing"?

What does being result orientated vs creatively curious do to the quality of our art and how we feel about it?

Pulling the Thread

How do you treat your relationship with Creativity?

Do you keep in touch, give her your undivided attention and love her whether she "puts out" or not?

Or do you smother her with expectation and then ignore her for months at a time?

Creativity is one of the most important relationships in your life and demands that you treat her as such.

Today's episode explores one way I like to woo her myself.

Silence is Golden (and Necessary)

I know, it's not an easy (or sexy) sell. You might want to roll your eyes or have PTSD flashbacks to those two times you tried to meditate and failed abysmally, but please hear me out.

Making space and embracing the skin crawling discomfort of spending time in silence is CRUCIAL if you want to make art (and stay sane for that matter) - let me tell you why.

Other People's Opinions are None of Your Business

Are you being ruled by the "should's", the obligations and the "what if's" other people throw at you?

Keeping yourself small and hiding out of fear of what someone else will say or think about it?

Are you trying desperately to be a good person while keeping your head above water?

Well I hope this is the sigh of relief you've been waiting for. Permission to use that two letter word you've been avoiding.


Info about my Much Less Tortured Artist coaching program lives here.

The book I mention is Essentialism by Greg McKeown.

A Chapter on Perfectionism

This episode is for those of you who identify as perfectionists or are plagued with the notion of "I'll never be good enough".

Whether you currently wear your perfectionism as a badge of honour or are frustrated that it keeps you small and stuck, this episode will bring you even more clarity.

Read as a chapter from my book The Moderately Tortured Artist, it'll dive deep on this topic and give you ideas on ways through the challenge that is extremely high (often impossible) standards.

You can grab a copy of the book here: https://www.moderatelytorturedartist.com/book

Or find out about my Much Less Tortured Artist coaching program here: https://inspiredtosing.com/much-less-tortured-artist

CARE TO SHARE? Do you identify as a perfectionist?

What helps you get out of your own way, start to take risks and experiment when the fear of not being “good enough” rears its head?

Why You Might Want to Embrace Discomfort

Discomfort is a pretty hard sell, I know, but hear me out. In order to do anything creative, stretch yourself in any way or grow as a person, you're going to have to embrace it.

And many of us feel uncomfortable or like we're "wasting our lives" if we stay in our own cozy little bubble anyway, so wouldn't you prefer to have something to show for it?

Today's episode is all about reaching your potential and adding vibrancy back into your life by making discomfort an easier pill to swallow.

If you'd like to read more about The Much Less Tortured Artist coaching program head this way: https://inspiredtosing.com/much-less-tortured-artist

How We're Making Ourselves More Unhappy

Life as a musician unfortunately isn't all sunshine, rainbows, awards and opportunities. Bad stuff happens. Negative emotions run rampant.

(I wish they didn't and that I could wrap you in cotton wool and glitter but I'm afraid it wouldn't help)

But one thought, one idea most of us seem to latch onto can 10X the problem, making us feel even worse.

In this episode we talk about how to get through difficult emotions without force and shame.

If you'd like to read more about The Much Less Tortured Artist coaching program head this way: https://inspiredtosing.com/much-less-tortured-artist

Discipline, Devotion and State Change

Our society praises discipline, hard work and hustle and makes damn sure artists know that they have to work doubly as hard to even have a chance of "making it".

But couldn't we come at it from a different angle?

One that still has us showing up, dedicating our time and our focus to our craft but perhaps feeling different?

And not only in our music, but in our lives?

If you'd like to read more about The Much Less Tortured Artist coaching program head this way: https://inspiredtosing.com/much-less-tortured-artist

Practice as Sacred Ritual

"It's the destination not the journey" is a quote you've probably seen roaming Instagram but you may not have asked yourself how it applies to your music practice.

Too many of us are muscling our way through practice sessions we SHOULD be doing rather than asking how we can SAVOUR them, let them nourish us in beautiful ways and SLOW DOWN.

Most of us are leading full, busy lives, but why can't our music be something that we relax into rather than rushing through? And if you did make this shift, how would it change how you play?

Can improvement exist in a space of calm and slowness? 

What are we sacrificing in the name of rushing and muscling through it?

Would we in fact get more joy and progress out of a more intentional and deliberate practice?

The Whole Damn Point - Joy

What is it that starts us on this path? That sparks something within that inspires us enough to pick up that instrument, wander into the world of performing and dedicate ourselves to making music?


And yet as we become more serious about our craft and get older, we tends to lose sight of this being what used to be the whole damn point.

So why does this happen and what can we do to ensure that our pursuit of bigger and better doesn’t erode the passion that got us here in the first place?

How do you keep how you FEEL about music front and centre?

The Fear of Being Visible (Is There No Off Stage Anymore?)

In the age of the internet, social media and influencers, the hats a musician wears are changing.

We have more accessibility to create and distribute our music than ever before but that also means it's harder to cut through the noise and be heard.

Because of this, many of us are managing our own marketing, promotion and a handful of social media channels - but at what cost?

Is the pressure to be constantly "on" and accessible as a personal brand having a negative impact on both our mental health and our creativity?

How do YOU feel about the pull to be constantly visible, available and across social media as a musician?

Consumption vs Creation

Most of us wish we had more time and energy to get creative. For exploration and investing in our practice and our art.
But where is it all going?

At a time when most of us are living considerably more of our lives online, could it be that this is stretching us thinner and thinner?

Could it be that our tendency to consume and distract is not only adding noise to the space needed for ideas and creativity to flourish but is also preventing us from going deep?