The Dance of Improvement and Expression

What's your favourite flavour of practice?

Are you a Type A striver who likes to knuckle down and do the deep analytical practice? Or do you subscribe to more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants-and-let-my-body-do-its-thing practice routine?

And can we have both?

How can we ensure that we train great habits so we can trust that we'll hit the right notes and play without tension in performance? But in the same breath don't get stuck playing music like a paint-by-numbers robot?

This episode explores the dance we must do if we want to get better at our craft while still keeping the joyful expression that is the lifeblood of music alive.

You Are Choosing to Feel Unworthy

I know the title of this episode will probably ruffle your feathers, but please hear me out.

Being a musician is HARD. It's full of rejection, criticism, people telling you "no" and a crisis of confidence every week.

One of the ways we can get through this and not just survive but FLOURISH is to recognise that there are circumstances and facts and then there are our stories around them and what we make those MEAN.

In this episode we explore what the difference is and what it can mean for your sanity and self worth if you can distinguish between the two and CHOOSE AGAIN.

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